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Student Safety Training

Cloquet Transit Company is dedicated to providing safe school bus transportation for all its students. Student safety training is critical in helping maintain a safe environment on the bus. To assist us, parents can reinforce expectations of their children relating to safe, courteous and respectful behavior.

Student safety training takes place twice per school year. Once during the first 4 weeks of school and again mid-school year. After the training students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Transportation by school bus is a privilege, not a right
  • District policies for student conduct and school bus safety
  • Appropriate conduct while on the bus
  • The danger zones surrounding a school bus
  • Procedures for safely boarding and leaving the school bus
  • Procedures for safe street crossing
  • School bus evacuation and other emergency procedures

   School Bus Danger Zones

The most dangerous areas of a school bus are close to the tires and directly in front of the bus